How could school destroy your creativity

how school destroys creativity(2)

Many people consider that school can destroy creativity of school students. Therefore, this infographic tries to reveal if this statement is true or it is just a myth. Indeed, creativity is important, because it is a way of bringing new ideas to life. Creativity helps to express worldview of certain personality to other people. Every person is creative in its way. Some of them express their emotions and ideas through pictures; they are good artists or photographers who really enjoy what they do in their lives. Some of them prefer writing, they open their mind to the word with a help of words.
The main problem is that main subjects is school are math, language, science subjects and so on. That is why students simply do not have time to develop their creativity. Besides, during the lessons of art or literature, there is strict program and all students have to follow it. They have to do only what teacher says and follow his instructions.
But there is another point of view that students have enough lessons, according to the program, to develop their creativity. Also, they say that students can do it during their free time.
So this infographic contains important information about this issue.