#Infographic – Benefits of Bariatric Post-Op Vitamins

Bariatric post-ops usually struggle in keeping up with their strict diet plan. It’s hard especially if they aren’t allowed to eat their favorite dishes. Even worse is, it’s not only the rigorous eating regimen, they have also trouble in keeping up with taking vitamins, which is of course important as they need to take vitamin supplements every day to avoid deficiencies and complications.

If you’re a bariatric post-op, what would you do? That sounds like a problem, but not anymore. Here’s Journey All in One Bariatric Vitamins—to make your life better and easier.

Journey All in One Bariatric Vitamins is formulated with chelated minerals of Albion—the only manufacturer that can scientifically prove the molecular structure of their chelated minerals. These minerals are proven superior when it comes to bioavailability, absorption, metabolism, and stability.

source: http://www.bariatriceating.com/product-category/bariatric-vitamins/