How to Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh when Travelling

How to Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh when TravellingYour vacation could have been the best, if only you have fresh looking skin. Your vacay photos are marred by your tired looking face and dry skin. The reason behind this is your long haul flight. Unbeknown to many vacationers, the airline cabin can be harsh to your skin health. Thus, your skin starts to lose its freshness and glow the time you step inside the airline cabin.

Inside the cabin is recycled and pressurized air with a very low humidity of 20-30% compared to the normal 30-70% humidity on land. This causes your skin to lose moisture or get dry. With such condition, the skin works harder to protect itself against free radicals and dryness.

Good to know, you can protect your skin from the harsh condition inside the cabin with proper skincare regimen. SkinCell, a leading dermatology clinic in manila gives you the skincare tips before, during and after the flight so you can keep your skin look fresh and vibrant.