Benefits of Investing in Email Marketing

Is your business investing in email marketing? Learn why this often-overlooked medium is one of the highest performing activities a business can undertake. If you are looking for a way to both increase sales, and engage with your customer base, email marketing is a proven method you can rely on.
Email marketing has been shown to offer ROI of up to 4300%. If your business isn’t investing in email marketing, you’re depriving yourself of increased sales and brand engagement. Learn more about why email marketing should be a cornerstone of your businesses efforts in the years and months ahead.
For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is over $44 dollars! And while social and mobile marketing remain a buzzword in the industry, did you know that 77% of consumers prefer to receive promotional material through email versus 4% from Facebook? Learn more about the benefits of email marketing, and why your business should take advantage in this infographic from

benefits of email marketing infographic