21 More Than Interesting Things Only Filipinos Would Relate TO

BEING A FILIPINO: 21 Things Only Filipinos Would Understand

If you can’t imagine a world without rice for every meal, loves manga with bagoong, and looks forward to eating lechon when attending a fiesta. You definitely have a Filipino taste.

Small details of life would reveal how we, Filipinos are distinct from the rest of the human race. A perfect blend of Asianness, Austronesian blood and Western influences make Filipinos one of the most cosmopolitan races in the world. That Filipinos are hailed in a wide array of fields and industries around the world, will prove this point. And for such reason, the world has known a lot of “kababayans” for many good and quirky traits: hospitality, unquivering happiness and you guessed it, singing talent.

It is fun to learn more about what Filipinos are by looking at traits and minute details of daily life that set them apart. This infographic from M2.0 Communications presents to you 21 unique things only Filipinos can relate to.