Facts About Business Cards

If you’re an entrepreneur or a freelancer, it’s obvious that one of your goals is to get notice by your target clients. You want people to buy your products or hire you for a professional endeavor. That’s how the industry works. The only problem is: competition. Countless professionals want to get notice and earn a spot. How can you standout?

There are tons of things to consider. One of these is turning your business card into a marketing tool. According to studies, sales can increase up to 2.5 percent for every 2000 business cards you hand out. This may not be a huge advantage, but at least, it does help.

But keep in mind, not all business cards are effective—the reason why nobody calls back. So make sure, your card is different. Make it professional, memorable, and unique. Make it speak for yourself. Make it something worth sharing and keeping. Make it useful.

source: http://business.vectrumgraphics.com/facts-about-business-cards/

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